Event organizers have been challenged the past few years to be flexible and creative in adjusting to the ever changing event industry. Some ways that organizers have had to adapt were by transitioning from in-person events to hybrid and virtual events. This posed a great challenge, but also a great opportunity. The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) South Florida Chapter is one organization that faced this challenge head on and used it to grow and improve their events.


In this case study, we will cover the challenges that ASPA faced and how they utilized the EventTitans platform to discover and implement solutions for these challenges. Continue on to learn about the success of the ASPA chapter and their event organizing experience with EventTitans.


To start, let’s formally introduce the ASPA South Florida chapter. This organization works to “enhance public administration, promote the profession and preserve the public trust by providing expertise, direction, and leadership for all its members and other stakeholders.” The chapter was planning to hold a virtual event for their 16th Annual ASPA South Florida Best Practices Conference as they have done in the past using Zoom, but they wanted to better the virtual event experience for their guests. The chapter started searching for event management platforms and came across EventTitans, which offered all of the solutions they were looking for at an affordable price.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge 1 ASPA South Florida had been simply using Zoom for their previous virtual events. Therefore, they had no engagement or 3D experiences for their attendees. This is something that they were looking to change. The chapter particularly wanted to include virtual exhibitor booths at their events for all their sponsorships to drive more engagement.

Solution 1 EventTitans offers many features to enhance the day of the event experience. We have gamification, networking, and 3D experience features, such as virtual exhibitor booths. These helped ASPA to further engage and entertain attendees while also satisfying their sponsors, as the sponsors were given more opportunities to connect with attendees.

Challenge 2 Another challenge that this chapter faced was that they are a small non-profit organization with no budget. They needed to find a cost efficient solution that still met all their needs.

Solution 2 The chapter was able to get a 50% off discount on the EventTitans platform because EventTitans offers a 50% discount for non-profits and educational institutions. This made the platform affordable and advantageous.

Challenge 3 Prior to EventTitans, ASPA South Florida used to maintain everything in PDFs. This was difficult to keep all the information organized in one place. The chapter needed to work with a designer to better display the information.


Solution 3 EventTitans has a website builder feature that allows users to easily design an event web page to aesthetically promote their event and display their event information all in one place. The website builder is customizable and does not require any coding experience, which made it easy to use for ASPA. With this feature, the company was able to design a stunning event page. You can view their event page here.

Challenge 4 Another problem ASPA South Florida faced was that without an event management platform, they had to manually collect all of their speakers’ information. This process was time consuming and inefficient.

Solution 4 EventTitans has an automatic onboarding process that solved this issue for the chapter. This prevented the organization from needing to spend a lot of time going to each sponsorship and contacting them about the platform and how to onboard, because EventTitans went ahead and did this on the chapter’s behalf. Through the event management platform, ASPA South Florida could even give speakers the option to update their own profiles, saving even more time for the event organizer.

Challenge 5 ASPA South Florida originally had all of their registrations done through EventBrite. However, this did not meet ASPA’s expectations for CRM integration and overall efficiency.

Solution 5 EventTitans helped with this issue with their quick and easy registration process. EventTitans can import registrants into the platform’s CRM and then add them to the particular event with the particular ticket type.


ASPA South Florida’s chapter was able to host their virtual 16th Annual ASPA South Florida Best Practices Conference on the EventTitans platform with great success. Their audience was more engaged with the many options for interaction, and their sponsorships were benefited by the many opportunities to connect with the audience members.