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Connect your complete systems at a time to automate & control the workflow with our integrated APIs.Control the flow by allowing API access to preferred levels of Event. Auto Sync attendee data, event schedule information, export attendee profiles, custom lists, and engagement metrics to the CRM with EventTitans API Integrations.

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Inbuilt tools to credibly balance the inflow and outflow of the system with our 1500 + App Integrations, Fully Configurable

EventTitans API access is flexible to integrate with any new platform by rendering support to heterogeneous apps. Connect any two technologies without writing manual code. The CRM stored data is accessible for relevant apps, (Example: contact's email id stored in Inbuilt CRM is accessible to send emails for prospects by using the email marketing tool of this platform.

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Thousands of APIs like Eventbrite, MailChimp, Zapier, etc. are automatically integrated through our API Integrations. Offers open API along with easy documentation to understand for API Developers and third-party API can be integrated. EventTitans API Integrations support multiple languages - Ruby, Node, Python, PHP, jQuery, Go, and Curl. Send user properties, event data, device properties, and import data through API integrations.

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EventTitans API
Enables Highest Security through OAuth2 Authentication, Measures Event Performance, ROI, and Tracks Your System

Adeptly builds your dream application effortlessly by allowing to integrate multiple APIs of diverse systems. Provides enterprise-level featured integrations and enables high data security through OAuth2 authentication. Personalize your Event API to track registrations, check-ins, ROI, surveys, trivia, evaluator, + lot more event product responses and more. Marketers able to integrate their sales CRMs, tracking systems, and automation platforms to measure the performance metrics.

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