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Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards features BizCard exchange, contains profile image, ID number, QR code, and official social media links. Eliminates manual errors, missing, misuse, or loss of business card hassles, delivers high-quality business card management system.

Digital Business Card
Design Multiple Custom Business Cards, Accept or Reject Business Card Requests, and Store the Accepted Cards into the CRM, Enable Easy & Quick Downloading

Empower your business by creating multiple digital business cards, add the cards into your biz card account with sender and receiver mutual acceptance. The registered user can send the card through email id & social shares, and the respective user has the choice to approve or reject the Biz Card request. Customize options, and the platform provides unique QR code to eliminate spam. Create account & design your Digital Business Card 

Create your card and send the digital business card to smart phones, computers & tablets effortlessly

Boosts your conversions through organized card management, refrain from lose of card/ forgetting the contact names. Facilitates quick contacting, flexible & easy to use, allows bulk updates, multiplies online presence, and helps to maintain the eco-friendly system due to the paper-less nature.

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Digital Business Cards to Give Away Lasting Impression & Lasting Experience to Each Connected Business and Its People

Efficiently managed BizCard acts like an asset for your business, the account holder has the option to add connected BizCard into the inbuilt CRM, and the CRM saves the approved business cards data as a lead. The changes made to BizCard are automatically updated on the profile. Design beautiful cards, and connect to your valuable prospects by using EventTitans Business Card Software. ​​​​​​​Explore our Latest Event News

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