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Fill your digital screen with event updates, speaker ratings, and sponsor promotional content. The digital schedule board dynamically displays event listings, calendar schedules, notifications, and a lot more features to captivate the attendee's attention and simplifies the event management to a great extent.

Digital schedule board
Live Digital Board to Showcase Highlights of Current Event, Enables Focused Engagement of Attendees

Facilitates to build a solid relationship between event organizers and sponsors by displaying event-related and sponsor messages on digital screens. Inbuilt setup, customize options to display the event topics, schedules, agenda, speakers, sponsors, keynotes, special alerts, leader board details, and winners to the participants. The event highlight board systematically displays brand info, services, upcoming events info, and more.

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Unique Engagement Tool to Seize the Audience Attention with Our Event Digital Session Board

Utilize EventTitans event highlight board along with various event solutions: surveys, trivia, live polls, challenges, rewards engine, and a lot more to display the results on digital screen. Ask speaker rating, sponsor hosting, and feedback questions through Live event digital session boards. Display the results and alerts of different event solutions: survey, live QA, live polls, challenges, rewards Engine on this platform. Our dynamic live digital board displays HD quality images, slides, videos, etc.

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Event highlight board
Live digital board
The Event Highlight Board comprises Pre-loaded designs and Works on both online and offline mode & enables High Engagement Rate

EventTitan's digital session board adds a brand new introduction to your event with the inclusion of opening notes, promotional note, engaging note, on-demanding info, and alert message to the participants that eventually leads to achieving high audience engagement rate. Insert your content without any coding or design skills and it gives the access power to event admin to operate across the world.

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