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Evaluator or Easy test maker tool supports online exam creation, score allocation, auto or manual evaluation,
supports evaluation delegation to the team with admin permission.

online evaluation tool
Save Your Evaluation Time & Stay More Productive Every Time, Delegate Evaluation

Ready-made exam tool designed for all industries, this online evaluation tool is the advanced version of a quiz maker, excels at eliminating manual errors, top ranker (winner) selection, score allocation, and evaluation. The evaluator tool is both independently or utilized as a part of event evaluation for event challenge tasks.

Access Evaluator

event evaluation
Accurate results, quick evaluation, full statistics at One Dashboard

Create a test, prepare questions, set answers, the auto evaluation does the rest of the work for you. In case of complete auto evaluation, choose option-wise questions, for manual evaluation, share an answer key to the delegated team through email, feature to grant and revoke access by admin. The delegated invitation link has an expiry period.

Current Events

Easy test maker
Pre-loaded templates, customize the weights, evaluate score, choose to reward winners

This question & answer functionality of the evaluator permits to conduct a highly organized & successful online exam along with a fast evaluation process that facilitates to offer rewards by customizing reward criteria.

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