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Badge Printing

Save time and money with our advanced badge printing solution.

No Pre-Printing Required

Eliminate stress and manual error by printing badges when attendees check in.

Professional Quality

Badges can be printed in bulk or one at a time, but the quality always stays the same. Use badges to showcase your branding or that of sponsors.

Fast Check-In

Speed up the check-in process by printing badges only when they’re needed.

Event Badging

Design custom badges in three easy steps

Make lasting impressions with EventTitans name badges with three simple steps: set up, design, and then print badges. Personalized badge designs to produce stunning cards that convey the essence of your event. Personalize your badge designs to produce stunning cards that convey the essence of your event. Choose what size and colors you want, and add additional elements like your logo or sponsor information. Create different badges for different ticket types.

Create Impressive Badge

One badge, multiple uses

Use the event badge as a VIP pass, special guest pass, membership card, promotional card, loyalty card, gift card, and more. Track guest behavior by requiring attendees to use their badges to access sessions, complete certifications, and unlock rewards. Badges with the QR code can also be used as Digital Business Cards.

badge design
event badge printing

Choose from a large selection of templates

EventTitans offers numerous printer-friendly templates that you can use as-is, or customize to suit your event. Add a QR code to each badge to ensure top-level security and easy check-ins.

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