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Event Challenges

Add challenge to your event & increase curiosity and engagement with competitive activities thus eventually leads to amplify the event awareness through the Event Challenge.

EventTitans Challenges
Enroll Your Event, Choose Challenge Type, Create Challenge Ticket, Set Winner Selection Criteria, Announce Winners

Fill the Time, Venue, and conditions during challenge enroll and the challenge is automatically listed on the Event Agenda. Select any one challenge mode from the list of three, 1. Evaluator 2. Voting Percent (Judges + People) 3. Average score from both 1 and 2 options. Link Challenge from either to a Survey and/ or Rewards Engine based on Organizers Choice.

Create Event Challenge Online

Challenge online
Customize Challenge Criteria, Name Your Unique Criteria, and Define the Rating Scale from Min 1 to Max 10

Three methods to pick the winners for the event challenge.
1. Evaluator
2. X% Judges + Y% Event Participants Voting
3. Average of both 1 and 2 Options, i.e. Evaluator + [%Judges + % Public] Voting.
The event organizer can decide the custom voting percent based on their preference.
Example: Criteria Name: Knowledge Scale 1- 10.

Current Events

Event Challenge
Showcase Important Challenge Information, Judges, Participants on Your Custom Website Built through EventTitans Website Builder

The challenge details are displayed on the event agenda section and a separate challenge sub-page is created on your event website. The event organizer can display key details, announcements, or instructions with the inbuilt upload documents (supports PDF) facility available with us.

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