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Event Check in

Capture last-minute entries and set your guest list category and track the activities through our event check in software.

event check in QR code scanning on mobile
Mobile QR Code door scan or enter through guest name or allocated confirmation number

Our inbuilt event check in model allows three-mode check-ins:

1. onsite guest registrations or kiosk sales

2. Business card QR code scanning through a mobile app - Instant RSVP/Register and Checkin

3. login to EventTitans and check-in through the application.

Among the three first two check-in methods are guest check-ins. We reduce event managers when tracing guest activities.

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Guest footprints are always worthy, sync data on real-time, Quick Import & Export

Automation of event check-in ensures to enter last-minute arrived guest profiles into the inbuilt CRM and tag with guest categories like VIP, Press, Volunteer, more. Our guest manager is entitled to help event managers to include guest check-ins on event analytics, and store (unregistered) guest activities automatically into the CRM.

Register Guest Check-ins

event  data funnel
Identify user profiles through magnifier
Our event guest manager efficiently processes 30XFaster anonymous event checkins

The organizer has full control over event access, measures guest interests, performance, and provides post-event feedback to help future your  event engagement. Confirm and trace guest profile through name or confirmation number, in case QR code has not opted.

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