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Inbuilt CRM

Uplift your business efficiency to the next level, enables easy processing and retrieval for queries at one place.
Holds each data activity into relevant account record, and generates error-free automatic event reports.

EventTitans CRM Software
Top CRM Software to make you a superstar of your business with auto-capture & comprehensive event reports

Anything entered in the event page is captured immediately on our intuitive inbuilt CRM. It identifies unique contact ID, ensures easy data process and retrieval, holds each record associated with the account like user ratings, sales & marketing insights, refunds, checkins, etc., and collects and shares data from event tools such as trivia, evaluator, survey, challenges, & more.

Current Events

One Point Intelligence Dynamic CRM to provide deeper insights and simplifies attendee interactions

Either individual or company account, this centralized CRM software holds data, sales info, lead status & lead stage, sponsor/ exhibitor/ speaker details, location, ratings, and footprints of registered and guest profiles. These data records are segregated into email lists, data import & exports, lead generation, etc. groups to simplify the CRM for event management, engagement activities.

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Top CRM Software
CRM for Events
Event Automation makes you more efficient and acts like great time saving event tool

Account customization, email management, lead management, and marketing automation are the principle executions of EventTitans CRM Software. Single dashboard to display new leads, email marketing details, and marketing costs. You can delete/add/modify contacts, view import history, filter junk data, and validate authorized profiles on this event platform. Supports offline mode event attendee registration and stores data into the CRM for event management.

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