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Inbuilt CRM

Access event data on your favorite apps seamlessly with our inbuilt CRM
that integrated with over 1000 business apps.

Made in USA CRM Software Integrated with 1000 + Business Apps

Access your app event data with our inbuilt CRM that integrated to more than 1000 business apps. Every business has a set of target customers, and our inbuilt CRM speaks to the audience in your own business language. The aim of our CRM is to store end-to-end event activities of everyone that interacted with your event or business. Our CRM ensures to import past/ current event data alongside auto saving website registered email lists & data from other prospects/ customers databases.

One Point Intelligence Database to Segment Data ‘n’ Create Groups

Data segmentation enables to provide optimal solution intuitively and target the right audience. Group the data based on influencing factors matched to the event type. Inbuilt CRM ensures to track all audience interactions with your business from scratch to end, thus leading to fulfilling great customer experience. The organizer is provided with the valuable customer (event participants) insights such as the revenue generated per customer, customer feedback, and customer geo locations, event seats filling & time duration, and lots more.

Equipping the event with inbuilt CRM guarantees gain to the marketing and sales team, thus eventually showcases your event as big company’s professional made. Despite your event belongs to enterprise or entrepreneur cadre, EventTitans workmanship is crafted to ultimately exhibit your event as the best one among the peers with the thousand plus app integrations. We are here to not waste a single chunk of data flowed into your business, and we provide intuitive analytical reports for each segment.

Highlights of Inbuilt CRM

  • Segregated data reduces marketing costs by creating custom-tailored campaigns

  • Helps event stakeholders to introduce best discount offers for up-sells& cross-sells

  • Send event invitations to a group of people based on their segment data

  • Plan the follow-ups and engagement media to reach event participants

  • Conduct surveys, live polls, live QA and collect feedback from the audience
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