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Inbuilt CRM

Harness your event data and get cutting-edge insights into your business

Data Capture

Automatically collect and store information on speakers, sponsors, attendees and exhibitors. Use this data to inform every step of the event planning process.

Event Analytics

Display new leads, email marketing details, and marketing costs in a single dashboard.


Integrate data from EventTitans into your marketing and sales initiatives to better identify target audiences and improve ROI.

EventTitans CRM Software

Understand attendee behavior

Collect all attendee information in one place, and update it with every new interaction. Identify potential leads and learn how to make your next event an even greater success. EventTitans’ CRM works with all of our other features to provide you with a holistic, end-to-end solution that reduces friction and increases engagement. trivia, evaluator, survey, challenges, & more.

Enhance your marketing

Use the data to determine your target audience and the best way to reach them. Incorporate dynamic marketing tools to personalize your outreach and improve ROI. Prove your value to sponsors and exhibitors by sharing key insights to help them improve performance. event management, engagement activities.

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CRM for Events

Get insights beyond your event

Our CRM can compile data on sales, lead status and lead stage, sponsor/exhibitor/speaker details, locations, ratings, and attendee behavior, all of which can help you grow your business further. email marketing details, and marketing costs. You can delete/add/modify contacts, view import history, filter junk data, and validate authorized profiles on this event platform. Supports offline mode event attendee registration and stores data into the CRM for event management.

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