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Accept online payments and collect a fee through any credit card and facilitate offline payments.
Multi-channel ticketing software to sell more tickets.

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Friendly interface to accept online payments through credit card and the amount is directly deposited to your bank account on a regular basis. Sell event tickets by registering an event on EventTitans & we accept payments through multiple payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, WePay, Card Connect, other gateways. Send invoices and manage orders, we support multiple ticket types, donations, run raffles, release promo codes, and more.

Kick start your ticket sales by registering on our event platform.

Multi-channel Event Ticketing Software to Attain High Search Engine Visibility

Reach target audience accelerate attendee engagement through multi-channel promotions. Sell tickets through mobile app effortlessly through EventTitans online ticketing system. Simplified event ticketing process fits all sizes and budgets start from start-up to enterprise.

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Say Good Bye to complex event ticketing and registration

Manual entry hassles are completely avoided, no more ticket duplication, or incomplete data. Everything is highly accurate. Set your own ticket cancellation policy and notify buyers through email after the purchase. Social integrations, marketing tools to multiply registrations.

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