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Event Ticketing & Registration Software

Simplify the registration process and sell more tickets

Manage Attendees

Keep track of every user that registers for your event, and ensure that all attendees register. Increase response rates without increasing the amount of work.

Lead Generation

Segment your attendees by ticket type, learn about their behavior and identify valuable leads. Use this information to grow your business and improve marketing strategy for future events.

Coupon Codes

Sell more tickets by offering promotions and early-bird specials, which EventTitans can automatically apply upon registration.

 Event Ticketing Screen

Customize your offerings

Create multiple ticket types and registration forms for different groups. Set your own ticket cancellation or return policy, and automatically send confirmation emails after purchases. You can also direct attendees to a custom landing page once they have finished registering. raffles, release promo codes, and more.

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Collect payments easily and securely

Proceeds from online ticket sales are automatically deposited to your bank account on a regular basis. EventTitans supports payments through multiple gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and WePay. mobile app effortlessly through EventTitans online ticketing system. Simplified event ticketing process fits all sizes and budgets start from start-up to enterprise.

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Event Ticketing Dashboard
EventTitans Event Ticketing And Registration Page

Perfect for all event sizes and budgets

Effortlessly sell tickets online or via app, and accelerate sales using multi-channel promotions. Whether you’re planning a meeting or a multi-day event with multiple moving parts, EventTitans’ powerful tools can be customized to meet your requirements, and set your event on the path to success.

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