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How to Signup & verification process in EventTitans?
EventTitans signup is a very easy process, it takes not more than 3 minutes to complete the process. Anyone can create the event for free by entering the company name, your name, email id, contact number, fill a few details, and set up your password. Your data is protected as EventTitans uses high-end SSL encryption to save your data on our platform. After submitting your details, EventTitans verifies your email id and mobile number, and after the verification, you can host free or paid events. In case of paid events subscribe to your suitable package. Register  here
Do I need to pay for creating the account on EventTitans?
Account signup / creation is absolutely free at EventTitans. To start with creating silver version account on EventTitans.
Is data export supported on EventTitans?
At EventTitans, your data is highly secured and you can export your own data in CSV / XLS files.
Is payment gateway integrated on EventTitans?
EventTitans offers inbuilt payment gateway service for all plans starting from silver to platinum services.
Does EventTitans charge for payment gateway?
Almost every payment gateway charges a nominal amount for each transaction made through it, and EventTitans charge that amount for availing the inbuilt payment gateway service. The price for each transaction is 2.99% + 0.30 cents and this amount is gone to the payment gateway and we don't collect any other amount for providing the service. For more details
Does EventTitans offer customer support?
We provide 24/7 customer support service across the globe. Our free customer care service is available for platinum customers only, for silver and gold customers mail to us and you will receive an answer within 24 business hours. If your business requires customer care support and you are a silver or gold customer, you can avail by paying a nominal amount for info mail to us at
Does EventTitans offer Zoom call Connectivity?
Yes, In order to link with the zoom account, click on the LINK ZOOM ACCOUNT button which will redirect to the below screen where User / Organizer can register / Sign-In to the zoom account.
What is the purpose of ACCOUNTS module in EVENTTITANS?
All of the INVESTORS, TECH PARTNERS, VENDORS, etc. who are part of the event have to create an Account in EVENTITANS. Accounts can be created during the event creation or in the ACCOUNT'S module. First, login to your EVENTTITANS application from any device.
? The user will be navigated to the HOMEPAGE.
? Click on the ACCOUNTS module from the main menu of the Home page.
? The user will be navigated to ACCOUNTS MODULE homepage which is the ACCOUNT LIST SCREEN.
? All of the existing ACCOUNTS will be listed on the screen in the table format.
? All of the details like account name, account type, account owner, email, contact number, website, industry, created on, and modified on will be listed in each column of the table.
? There is an Advanced Search option on this screen. By clicking on the Advanced search icon, a new row will be enabled where the user will have the option to search each column with the keywords, thereby filtering the records.
? We are searching ACCOUNT OWNER column with the keyword “ADM” and all the Account Owners with the “ADM” keyword.
How to create an ACCOUNT in the account's module?
? By clicking on the Create icon in the ACCOUNT LIST.
? The user will be navigated to create an Account screen.
? The user needs to upload the company logo by clicking on the upload icon.
? Give the website URL in the WEBSITE field.
? Enter the Account Name in the ACCOUNT NAME textbox.
? Select the Account type from the dropdown - Account type can be Competitor, Investor, Customer, Vendor, Tech Partner, and so on.
? User must enter the his / her mail id in the EMAIL ID field.
? Choose the Industry from the dropdown in the INDUSTRY FIELD.
? If this account is a sub account of any main account, then the main account name should be added in the field ADD SUB ACCOUNT OF.
In EVENTTITANS, a BIZ CARD is a business card where the User will be provided an option to create his / her own E - business Card
Users can pay the credits and create a BIZ CARD.
How to create a Biz Card in EVENTTITANS?
E-Business Card can be created in 4 steps:
1. First, login to your EVENTTITANS application.
2. User will be navigated to the HOMEPAGE.
3. From the main menu, click on the 3 dots (more) icon as marked in the snapshot below.
4. User is then able to see the list of modules, Click on BIZ CARDS option from the list.
5. User will be navigated to the BIZ CARDS screen, where all the existing Biz Cards will be displayed. Note: If no Biz Cards are created, then zero records will be displayed.
Does EventTitans charge for payment gateway?
User has two options to create a BIZ CARD.
1. By clicking on the NEW BIZ CARD link from the Sub Navigation task bar on the left side of the screen.
2. By clicking on NEW CARD icon from the right corner of the screen as highlighted in the below snapshot.
The user has to fill out information in different sections as explained below:
? The CONTACT ID field displays the USER’S contact ID which is automatically generated.
? In the GENERAL INFORMATION section, the fields USERNAME and BUSINESS CARD NAME have to be filled.
? In the PERSONAL DETAILS section, basic details like First Name, Last Name, Contact Number, Office Number, Job Title, Company Name, and Company Website fields have to be filled. Occupation has to be selected from the dropdown values.
? In the SOCIAL PRESENCE section, Twitter URL, LinkedIn URL, and Facebook URL have to be filled.
? In the ADDRESS section, the User has to give the address information.
Once the information in all sections is filled, the USER can check the BUSINESS CARD PREVIEW on the left side of the screen for both the back and front side of the card. Also, the QR Code is displayed below the preview section which is used for scanning purposes.
? User can upload the profile pic and the company logo in the preview section.
? After filling out all the details, the User can click on CREATE CARD AND SAVE PROFILE button or CREATE E-BIZ CARD button.
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