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Live Polling is an Engagement Champion! Conduct incredible live polls & make non-stop engagement with your audience. Create the poll, use as a mighty weapon to transform your business to the next level. Collect the feedback instantly, and get the changes immediately reflected on our inbuilt CRM.

audience polling system
Amaze Your Attendees, Ask Ice Breaker Questions During the Session, Accelerate Engagement Rate & Explore The Audience Intents

The intents of the target audience are captured in real-time for speaker & sponsor ratings, entertainment score, NPS (Net Promoter Score) promotions, market research, etc. Pick the theme, customize the options, formulate questions & validate answers, then display the results on the live screen with EventTitans audience polling app & share through email and social media platforms.

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We Create Pool of Fans for Your Event, Access Real-time Live Poll Results on All Digital Devices & Browsers

Our audience polling system supports emojis, text, and images to create a live poll. The voting app enables to cast the votes through any digital device like tablets, smart phones, and desktops by installing EventTitans Live poll app. The integrated API is developed to work perfectly on all browsers, and digital devices. The poll generated event reports are displayed on live screen & easily available to download

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live audience polling
Live polling
Mix Live Polls with Live QA, or Surveys to Attain Top Engagement Score & Boost Your Brand Identity & Multiply the Conversions

The live audience polling engine is build to engage the audience, collect statistics impartially, perform the pre-event or post-event survey, etc. tasks. Run a live poll during the discussion and boost the engagement score. Mixing the live polls with other event tools greatly impacts your business in terms of empowering, organized lead collection, and increase in the lead conversions.

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