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Live Audience Polls

Conduct Incredible Live Polls & Make non-stop Engagement with Your Audience

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Obtain valuable attendee feedback to encourage and gain insights into the current event poll

Learn new things that captured in the current poll to make a better event next time. Gain insights of speakers and sessions in real-time that measured with attendee reactions.

Highlights of Live Audience Polls

  • Create a delightful experience to the audience by showcasing real-time live poll results

  • Display poll results on live dashboards to facilitate users monitoring real-time data

  • Promote your brand boosting conversion content by organizing Live Q&A session

  • Ultimate event-based API to update data on mobiles, browsers, & IoT devices

  • Allot special status to a group of attendees and allot grant or revoke access permissions

  • Update UI with Live charts to stay tune with current poll updates

  • Publish real-time data to any device and access on all the devices
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