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Hassle-free hosting for your Live Q&A Event, integrated with social platforms, available on app and website.  Our live Q&A software is the optimal solution to highly engage, convert, and interact with your target audience.

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Create Powerful Interactions by Hosting Online Live Q&A Events on Our Platform

Instill curiosity & achieve higher engagement score during the sessions by using EventTitans Live Q&A software. Works ideal for all industries such as seminars, product launch, sports, TV shows, live broadcasting, political campaigns, radio interviews, and more. Export the consolidated Live Q&A reports effortlessly.

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Facilitates Convertible Live QA Sessions and Improves Event Performance, Generates Live Voting report Instantly

Live Q&A software assists to maximize conversions, identify issues, enhance brand awareness, increase engagements by allowing live chat during the session running time. The event organizer or admin has the authority to grant or revoke the access, and store the chat after the session closure. The participants can rate the speaker, agenda, and exhibitor on the EventTitans Live QA software. Combo of Live Polls and Live QA is the optimal choice to interact efficiently.

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Serves Any Event Size, Trouble-free Setup, Live Comments, Share on Social Media, Access Through Any Device

Introduce up-vote and down-vote feature any time during the live Q&A session. Option to display relevant questions and answers on the page after session closure. Ask convertible questions and customize auto/ manual approval. Rate profile based on knowledge, content, engagement, relevance, & interest. Option to recommend the Live QA sessions, topic, speaker, etc. Leverage your brand value by conducting Live QA for the upcoming event. Digital session boards to display event stats, speakers, sponsors, etc.

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