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Fundraising Software to Help Non-Profits
Reach Their Goals

Attract donors and raise money for your chosen cause. Spend less time managing your event,
and more time building relationships with supporters, sponsors and partners.

Find Fundraising Success with These Powerful Features

Event Website Builder

Promote your fundraiser and enable supporters to donate money through a custom-built website. Ready in minutes, no design experience required.

Affiliate Marketplace

List products on your event website for sale or auction, and partner with manufacturers to set aside a proportion of their proceeds to donate to your charity.

Marketing Tools

Attract large audiences and reach your fundraising goals faster with our comprehensive selection of marketing aids.


Raise more money by selling raffle tickets to attendees.

Rewards Engine

Thank people for their contributions and incentivize them to donate more by offering rewards.

Virtual Fundraisers

Host an online event and collect donations digitally. Let supporters donate from any place, at any time.

Ticketing & Registration

Keep track of attendees and check guests in quickly and efficiently.


Collect detailed data on fundraising efforts, attendee engagement, ticket sales and more, and use this information to improve future efforts.

Secure Payments

The money you raise is quickly and securely sent directly to your bank account.

Helping you achieve your mission, one fundraiser at a time

Our goal is to make fundraising easier for you, so you can reach your goals faster and focus on the important work.

  • Give donors the option to donate money or physical items

  • Increase transparency by showing supporters how the money will be spent, and grow trust

  • Set up to 4 recommended donation amounts to simplify the donation process. You can also set a target amount or target end date

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