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Rewards Engine

Encourage audience participation and engagement by offering rewards

Casino-Style Selection

Impress the crowd with flashy graphics while also making the selection process more transparent.

Fair Selection

Allow EventTitans to automatically select random winners, eliminating the risk of bias or unfair play. Make the list of winners visible to all.

EventTitans Marketplace

List your products and allow winners to redeem their rewards in our virtual Marketplace.

Reward Quiz

Get the crowd’s attention and increase engagement

There’s no better way to get people involved than by offering them prizes. All you have to do is choose the prizes and select the criteria and number of winners, and EventTitans will do the rest. Use this strategy to increase survey response rates and get better feedback from attendees. customers.

Create Custom Rewards

Gamify the event experience

EventTitans is the only event management platform to offer users the ability to easily and quickly create an event with gamification. Incentivize audience engagement and increase ticket sales by offering rewards for participating in an event of your choice, whether it’s a survey, trivia quiz, challenge, and more. Allow participants to redeem their rewards for cash, points, products - whatever you’d like to offer.

Event Rewards
EventTitans Rewards

Casino like winner selection to impress and engage your audience, & gain credibility by displaying winners transparently

Winners are displayed on the custom event website link along with profiles and their acquired rewards. Simple step-by-step formula to access our rewards engine are

Step 1:

Add reward criteria

Step 2:

Select a single winner or multiple winners, add conditions, and reward type as Cash, Points, or Product, and choose winner selection time

Step 3:

Configure activity points for attendee engagement

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