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Create, send and manage surveys with EventTitans’ flexible event survey software.

Feedback Loop

Gather feedback throughout the entire event process to get a more accurate understanding of people’s experiences.

Share via Email and Social

Get more responses by emailing your surveys and sharing them to your social platforms.

Increase Response Rates

Encourage user participation by offering rewards and other bonuses to attendees who complete surveys.

Online Survey

Many templates to choose from

Want to get your survey up and running as soon as possible? No problem. Choose one of our many beautifully-designed templates, ask as many questions as you’d like, and send it whenever you like. survey questionnaire. Submit anonymous responses, allow comments for each question, collect ratings, set equal weight or individual weight for answers.

Create a survey

Automatically capture data

All survey responses are automatically saved to our built-in CRM for easy access and analysis. Get feedback from attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors, and learn what you can improve on for future events. email marketing & social media platforms to share the survey effortlessly. You can customize the survey link and create unlimited custom survey web links to share with multiple groups.

Create a Survey
Event Survey

Sophisticated data analysis

Use the information you gather to identify leads, narrow down your target audience, and improve marketing ROI. Visualize your data to get a better understanding of your event’s success. Compare data from multiple events and measure your performance over time. Offer rewards to participants (optional). Survey responses are automatically captured into CRM.

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