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Conduct live trivia, engage your audience and collect valuable information from the participants. Create trivia questions, promote through social media platforms, provides auto evaluation, analytical outputs, and offer Rewards to top ranker(s), display the top ranker details on your custom website screen along with the score.

Trivia Online
Trivia acts like a multi-beneficial promotional marketing tool that explores attendee interests & knowledge

Choose the topic, frame questions & set the options, fill the answer, and let our live event trivia tool to auto evaluate the answers and invite people to participate. Explore the participants' interests and analyze the results, and the organizer can view the results for unlimited times.

Create trivia

online multiplayer quiz
Either Auto or manual evaluation process, everything in Trivia is customized on this platform

Set the equal or individual weight to the questions with mandatory negative marks for each wrong answer, alongside create online live trivia as per your interest. Start button for Trivia is set to either automatic or manual and the trivia answers are automatically submitted. The organizer can offer rewards to increase attendee engagement and earn huge attention.

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Event Trivia
Trivia to unite people at a time to generate the highest engagement rate, Everything in our live trivia is automated

One question per page is allowed, set the expiry time, and trivia start time and display the results on live display board. At the end of the trivia set up, a web link is generated and can be shared via email or social platforms. Create custom links for each live trivia session anytime, i.e. before or after session expiry. Once the trivia link is expired, to use the same trivia, the organizer has the option to view unlimited times by login to the platform.

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