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Zoom Integration

Manage your Event Zoom meetings from our Event Management System. 

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Zoom Integration In Eventtitans

Zoom Integration In Eventtitans


  • Login to EVENTTITANS and navigate to EVENTS module.

  • Now Create or Edit an event and navigate to SETUP tab

  • To integrate ZOOM Account and create a meeting/webinar, choose of any of the sub tabs. (Sposnors, Agenda, Challenges)

  • Click on Add New / edit existing data in any of the sub tab.

  • Now scroll down the page and Click on the WEBINAR INFO tab.

  • Organizers have two options

    • 1.Link the Zoom Account and Create a New meeting / webinar

    • 2.Use existing meeting /webinar URL
  • If created New meeting / webinar through Zoom, relevant info will be populated automatically into the URL & instructions field.

  • If entered URL manually, then need to fill the detailed info in INSTRUCTIONS field.

  • Click on the LINK ZOOM ACCOUNT button as highlighted in the screenshot.

  • Users/Organizers will redirect to the below screen where they can Register/Sign-In to the zoom account.

  • Organizers can sign-In to the Zoom account by giving the existing zoom credentials if they had the Zoom account already.

  • To create New account, Organizer can directly register into Zoom by clicking on the SIGN UP FREE link on the top right of the above screen.

  • Upon the successful login/Sign-up in the above screen, below Authorization screen will appear.


  • Clicking on the Authorize button, links the Zoom account to EVENTTITANS successfully.

  • User/organizer will have options like - Create, Edit, Delete Zoom meeting along with unlink Zoom account options
Zoom Authorize
Creating Zoom Meeting


  • In order to create a ZOOM MEETING / WEBINAR for a particular Sponsor & Exhibitor / Exhibitor / Agenda / Challenge, Users should click on the CREATE ZOOM MEETING button under the Webinar Info tab.

  • CREATE ZOOM MEETING pop-up shows up

  • After filling all the details, Click on SAVE button, the meeting/Webinar will be successfully created and a message will be displayed for the same


Users/Organizer can edit the existing zoom meeting details by clicking on the EDIT ZOOM MEETING button in the Webinar Info tab.

Editing Zoom Meeting
Deleting Zoom Meeting


  • User/Organizer can delete the zoom meeting for a particular Sponsor & Exhibitor by clicking on the DELETE ZOOM MEETING button in the same screen.

  • A pop-up will be triggered for the confirmation. Users can click on Ok to proceed further.

  • That zoom account details will be successfully deleted and the user will have the option to create a new one.


  • If the Organizer is willing to unlink the zoom account, he/she can click on the UNLINK ZOOM button in the Webinar Info tab.

  • By clicking on the button, there will be a pop-up triggering in the screen to confirm the zoom account unlinking.

  • User/Organizer can click on PROCCED ANYWAY button in the pop-up to unlink.
unlinking Zoom Meeting

Along with the above steps you need to uninstall the app from your zoom account too.

  • Navigate to

  • Click on the Uninstall button next to the app EventTitans as shown.

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