The pandemic challenged all event management companies to re-think their approach towards planning, organizing, and marketing their events. . They had a difficult task at hand, figuring out how to re-establish highly experiential, targeted in-person events to hybrid events. However, some companies rose to the challenge and took it as an opportunity, and that includes the BAR Event Group.


This case study covers the scenario where BarEventGroup decided to offer a hybrid event to their client for Summer Slam 2021 and how EventTitans segmented its event management platform to enable the hybrid platform seamlessly. Read on to discover how EventTitans decoded the disputes and presented a platform that was easy to use for both the organizers and the attendees


Before the pandemic, BAR Event Group hosted all kinds of in-person events from the red carpet to social events and large conferences. Their clients range from professional athletes to CEO’s of fortune 500 companies.BAR Event Group produces events every year with attendees ranging from 200 to 50,000. This year even after the pandemic struck, they were determined to evolve Summer Slam 2021 into a hybrid event experience of 80% in-person attendees and 20% virtual.


Brooke Rabold, Chief Executive Officer of BAR Event Group, was enthusiastic to discover creative ways to engage their customers in a hybrid experience. They partnered with EventTitans to resolve the unique social challenges to provide a new and innovative experience to the customers.

The Major Challenges

The registration process for a hybrid event should be seamless like an in-person event. The first step to conduct a hybrid event is to create a custom ticketing process.BAR Event Group required a process to reduce the ticketing disputes after the event and to streamline the registration process. The mode of communication needed to be improved to lower administrative costs.

Since this particular client of BAR Event Group is in the Forex and Crypto market, they required a payment gateway option of CryptoCurrency and the ability to provide discounts to encourage more attendees to pay with Crypto. This also provided the opportunity to lower the number of disputes.

The Solution

BAR Event Group required this hybrid event to be of the highest quality for both in-person and virtual attendees.

EventTitan's event management solution provided BAR Event Group with an easy-to-use onboarding process for the users to assign group event tickets and resell their tickets.The ability for an attendee to easily reassign their ticket is crucial with large events. Group ticketing and ticketing assignments save administrative costs,and more importantly,saves the valuable time of the event organizer.

The crypto form of payment was enabled after the users uploaded their identification. If the customer fails to pay in eight hours, the ticket is available for purchase again.

The cancellation policy was showcased through a dedicated auto-cancellation page.Depending on the date in which the cancellation was being requested,the system would automatically display the amount offered by the organizer based on the cancellation and refund policies established by BAR Event Group. Once the organizer approves, the ticket will be canceled with immediate effect.

Delivering exceptional customer support was the prime focus before, during and after the event. There are so many important tasks and situations occurring during the planning and execution of an event,that customer service tends to fall on the priority list.For EventTitans,customer service was made a priority and that allowed the event to be even more memorable for both BAR Event Group and their attendees.


Using EventTitans, BAR Event Group was able to create a hybrid experience that included a virtual experience for the users, such as the chatting feature, networking sessions, and gamified zones that met the expectations of the client.

The cherry on the cake of going hybrid is that companies can analyze customer behavior at a more granular level. EventTitans event analytics software provided BAR Event Group real-time insights into the event's performance and customer behavior. They could confidently share analytic reports with their client, thereby proving the added value of going hybrid with EventTitans.