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Engage Attendees

Let attendees vote for their favorite submissions and make their voices heard. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about attendees’ likes and dislikes.

Publicize Your Challenge

Showcase your challenge on your website and keep attendees abreast of announcements, important information, and any additional instructions required to enter.

Fair Results

Take subjectivity out of the voting process by having EventTitans automatically choose winners based on your chosen criteria.

Choose your Challenge Type

You decide what kind of competition you want to host. Whether it’s a talent show, product showcase, or hackathon, EventTitans can help you pull it off with ease. . Link Challenge from either to a Survey and/ or Rewards Engine based on Organizers Choice.


Event Challenge Online

Set up your Competition

Decide the terms for competition entry: ticket purchase, nomination, etc. Choose your judges and allow them to nominate entries. Organizers determine when to start and stop the voting process.

Calculate Scores - no Math Skills Required

You decide on the conditions for victory. Decide how much judges’ scores, audience votes, and quiz results should be weighted ahead of time, and EventTitans will select the winners automatically. There’s no need to comb through every submission that comes in; EventTitans’ platform will do the evaluation for you. event website. The event organizer can display key details, announcements, or instructions with the inbuilt upload documents (supports PDF) facility available with us.

Smart Event Organizers Choose EventTitans

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