Our Unique Elements

Instantly create an attractive and elegant website within minutes.

Give voice to your audience

Allows conference and event organizers to collect feedback from attendees using their smartphones. Attendees can vote for their favorite submissions, and make their voices heard. Using this data, organizers can learn more about what attendees like and dislike.

Let people Know

Execute the perfect way to keep your attendees abreast of announcements, important information, and any additional instructions required to enter your challenge. By showcasing your challenge on your website, participants can learn all they need to know and enter easily!

We go by your criteria

We are the ONLY platform that guarantees your event will have winners by automatically judging submissions based on your chosen criteria. No more waiting weeks for votes to count- let us take care of the judging for you!

Your choice is our priority

EventTitans is the perfect platform for anyone looking to host a challenge contest of any kind. Our versatile platform allows you to choose from a variety of challenge types, such as virtual event challenges, and then seamlessly integrates with our Survey and/or Rewards Engine modules depending on your needs. With EventTitans, you can easily create a contest for virtual/hybrid events that best suit your needs and get started right away!

Event Challenge Online

Set up your competition with ease

Event challenges are a great way to increase awareness and engage your attendees. By unleashing their competitive side, you can create an interactive and memorable experience for everyone involved. Event challenges can take many different forms, from simple scavenger hunts to more complex competitions, be creative and have fun with it!

You decide, we deliver

EventTitans is an online platform that helps event organizers conduct online contests and competitions. Using EventTitans, the event organizer can set the rules for the contest to receive submissions from participants, and automatically award winners based on the weighted criteria they choose. EventTitans makes it easy to run contests by taking care of all the evaluation work for you so that you can focus on organizing your event. With EventTitans, there is no need to spend time evaluating submissions.

Make apt choices for your event, pick Evenettitans!

Schedule a free demo and hand-pick what suits you best, right from generating a no-code website, and raising funds for an event to ticketing, we got it all covered! Book a personalized demo session with our experts at Eventtitans - One of the best event website builder, now to know more.