Our Unique Elements

Instantly create an attractive and elegant website within minutes.

Moderate & Control suspicious activity:

Keep a check on questions being asked by the public, avoid inappropriate content, and language used, and block any such activity before the session goes live or is uploaded to social media.

Social media integrations

Sharing common questions and answers across all social media channels would further attract the attention of participants. An organizer could make this possible with our free online Q&A app.

Anonymous Response feature

Participants may communicate anonymously with organizers if they do not wish to identify themselves such that it would not affect the response rate or compromise the privacy of the guests.

Provide greater value to participants

Allow attendees to ask questions about speakers and panelists, vote for or against other people's questions, and access online Q&A sessions from across any device. The top-rate questions are highlighted at the top of the chat. Let participants feel empowered by valuing their responses.

Live Q&A

Boost Audience Engagement

Live Q&A sessions can be combined with other attendee engagement activities, such as live polls, live chat, and gamification features, to maximize audience interactions. The organizer can save chat logs and poll results after the Q&A are complete for future analysis.

Get feedback instantaneously

During the event, our software enables our users to rate agendas, exhibitors, participants, speakers, or the event as a whole in real time for our event planners to get insights on the ongoing program and what they could potentially improve in the future. Improvising how an event is organized based on public input can help build stronger connections.

Event News
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