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Track Event Engagement

Sync your event into our Inbuilt CRM system to oversee attendee engagement across multiple event sessions and to develop targeted marketing campaigns that will increase ROI.

Streamlines Event Activities & Saves Time

Every attendee action of your respective event will be automatically saved into CRM compensating the time-consuming tasks of the event organizer in generating the leads.


Our Inbuilt customer relationship management system enables the event organizer to view "Import History" & gives the ease of downloading the sheet of the attendee data for making required changes and importing it back.

All your Event Data at One Place

Expand the event ROI by discovering possible leads with the organized attendee data gathered in one location on the central dashboard. The EventTitans CRM works in conjunction with a multitude of features to give you comprehensive, end-to-end solutions with dynamic marketing tools that boost engagement.


Event Engagement Metrics

Use event data analytics to determine your target audience and the best way to reach them. Build a strong connection by keeping the track of your event attendees and event leads to measure the success.

Smart Event Organizers Choose EventTitans

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