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Go live in less than 24 Hrs with a sleek, inviting
website in minutes.

Casino-Style Selection

Impress the crowd with flashy graphics while making the selection process more transparent.

Fair Selection

EventTitans' inbuilt Rewards Engine automatically selects winners based on selection criteria. Also, showcases the winner list to everyone.

EventTitans Marketplace

Winners can redeem their event rewards on our virtual Marketplace.


Increase the Audience Engagement

An event organizer can involve the attendees by awarding them with activity points based on the actions performed throughout the event (taking surveys, dropping biz cards, visiting the booth, sharing the event on social media). This helps to identify the most engaging attendees. You can assign ranks and display the top engaging attendees of your event in the lobby.

Easy Set Up to Access Rewards

EventTitans enables the organizer to "configure rewards" by specifying the points to claim the reward along with the maximum reward count. An organizer can choose to provide incentives in the form of rewards that can be redeemed on the basis of the activity points accumulated by the attendees

Create Custom Rewards

Gain Credibility with Automated Rewards Engine

Eventtitans impress the audience by displaying the reward winners transparently in Casino Style. All you need to do is - add reward criteria, select a single winner or multiple winners, add conditions, and reward type (Cash, Points, or Product), and choose winner selection time. EventTitans rewards engine will do the rest!!

Smart Event Organizers Choose EventTitans

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