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Hassle Free Check in Experience

Provides efficient badges for easy & fast check-ins without the fuss of pre-printing while saving quality time and manual effort.

Give a Personal Touch

You can customize your badges by choosing from multiple customization elements like layouts, design, color, font, etc.

No Compromise on Quality

Design professional quality badges with our event badge printing software

Design Custom Badges with ease

Capture the spirit of your event by creating your event name badges with Eventitans in three simple steps- Set up, Design & Print. Customize the size and colors you prefer, choose additional elements like your logo or sponsor information, and design your badges per different ticket types.

Create Impressive Badge

One Badge for
Multiple Uses

You can use the event badge as a VIP pass, special guest pass, membership card, promotional card, loyalty card, gift card, and more. The event organizer can track guest behavior by requiring attendees to use their badges to access sessions, complete certifications, and unlock rewards.

Multiple Selection of Templates

EventTitans offers numerous printer-friendly templates that you can use as-is, or customize to suit your event. You will also have the option of adding a QR code for each badge to ensure top-level security & easy check-ins.

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