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Ready in Minutes

All you need is a few minutes to create your very own live event trivia challenge.,

Automatic Evaluation

Enter the answers and how you want the questions to be scored; the system will do the rest.

Live Rankings

Show results on a live display board so competitors know what they’re up against.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Inject some fun into your event by giving your attendees the opportunity to test their knowledge and compete against one another. Include a live winner showcase for every question the user answers correctly.

Create trivia

Encourage Participation by Offering Rewards

Sometimes, people just need an extra bit of motivation. Increase audience participation by offering prizes to the top-scoring trivia masters. EventTitans will automatically award participants based on the criteria you choose (top-scoring, random selection, etc.).

Learn What Interests your Attendees

Live event trivia is the perfect opportunity to learn what topics interest your attendees, and what they want to know more about. Analyze attendee answers and use the insights to inform future events.

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