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Secure Access

Ensure that only those with the proper credentials or tickets are attending the sessions.

Real-Time Feedback

Encourage users to give feedback on topics and speakers by offering rewards and selecting winners automatically.

Audience Participation

Verify your audience participation for certifications and encourage them to get involved by including Live Q&As, polls, and gamification.

Drive more Sponsors to your Event

A better ROI attracts and retains sponsors for future events. Showcase your sponsors at agenda and topic level, and keep them top-of-mind amongst your attendees.

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Manage Attendee Access

Only allow attendees with the proper ticket type to access certain sessions. Give premium ticket holders access to exclusive sessions, and create different registration forms for each ticket type. Keep out unwanted intruders with our state-of-the-art security protocols.

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Get in-depth session analytics

Receive powerful real time analytics and export them in your desired format for further insight and analysis.

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