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Real Time Results

Learn what your audience thinks in real time.

Easy Poll Generator

All it takes is a few clicks to create your own poll. Enter the questions you want to ask, and send it live.

Live Display

Showcase the results of your live polls on our digital session boards.

Increase Audience Engagement

Integrate live voting software across your entire event, from panels and presentations to post-event feedback, to boost engagement levels and receive valuable insights. Allow audience members to vote for which questions they’d like speakers to answer, what topics they want to see presented, and more.

Create your

Live Poll

Uncover your audience’s needs and Preferences

Utilize polls as another way of getting feedback from your audience. Ask them what features they enjoy, what they want to see more of, and what they’d like to change.

Save Results to your CRM

Don’t let this valuable information go to waste. Access the results at any time through our built-in CRM, and integrate the data into your existing marketing and sales initiatives.

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