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Perfect for Events of All Sizes

No matter how large or complex your event is, EventTitans helps you get the job done in record time.

Increases Productivity

Reduce time spent checking attendees in with our automated system. Faster, easier check-ins means fewer staff needed to run your event successfully.

Lead Generation

Provide more value to attendees by giving them access to guest lists for networking purposes in exchange for a small fee.

Make Checking in Easy

Assign a different badge template for each attendee type - speakers, sponsors, audience members, exhibitors, etc. - so that when they check in, their badge type is automatically printed.

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Guest Check-in App

Multiple Ways to
Check in

Our event check-in software allows you to register guests onsite or through kiosk sales, via mobile app and QR code, or through the EventTitans application.


Guest Check-ins

Track Attendee Behavior

Each attendee is given their own unique QR code, which gives them access to sessions, booths, and other features. Tag guests based on category (VIP, press, volunteer, etc.). Analyze their behavior and save all data to the built-in CRM.

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