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Quick Feedback

Helps in collecting the attendee's precise feedback & calculate the event engagement metric based on the received response rate.

Event Performance/Event Insights

Grab the post event analysis by sharing your online surveys through emails or social media platforms.

Amplify Lead Generations

Utilizing attendee's key data points collected from the online surveys helps escalating the upcoming events for more leads and extensive event ROI.

Incentivize your Event Audience

Event Titans rewards engineis an effective way of engaging & encouraging your event audience to participate in the surveys. This feature reduces the stress of event organizers to pick the most engaged participants i.e., survey winners by enabling them choose the right ones setting up a winner selection criteria.

Create a survey

Customize with Ease

The event organizer can easily personalize the style of their surveys using multiple elements and customizing the background color, font size, alignments, hide sections, etc., that match their preferences. With EventTitans, make your online event surveys more accessible using pre-existing templates or saving your own theme template with specific questions. Prioritizing the questions by rearranging with page breaks simplifies the event analysis while capturing the exact data from the respondents.

Effective Evaluation

An event organizer can benefit the attendees to submit responses in their preferred language. This feature guarantees the highest rate of participation causing no barriers for event engagement . Experience versatility by choosing to save particular survey responses of attendees under specific fields in the CRM.

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