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Online ticketing software for event
  • Customizable registration forms

    Customize the registration forms depending on each ticket type with our Online ticketing software. You can also add logic-based fields or pages to get specific data catering to your audience using the Best Event Ticketing Software.

  • 3 Transaction Fee Options

    Organizers can choose to pay the platform & payment gateway fees or pass them on to the attendees with our Online ticketing system for events. Alternatively, NGOs can leave this decision to attendees, ensuring flexibility with Event registration software.

  • Segregation of ticket types

    Organize the process better with different event ticket types like general, VIP, raffles, sponsors, volunteers, speakers, investors, etc, and grant exclusive access & privileges with our Event Ticketing Platform.

  • Restrict attendees to Sessions

    Organizers can put session restrictions and allow only specific attendees to attend them based on the tickets they purchase using our Conference registration software.

  • Offline Payment Option

    Having an option for sponsors or attendees to mail a check or request an invoice, helps in increasing registrations, a feature supported by our Online ticketing software for events.

  • Ticket Color & Badge Templates

    When an attendee scans the ticket, the check-in volunteer knows exactly the color of the lanyard that he needs to handover. Also, the badges can be printed automatically, thanks to our event ticketing system

Event registration software
Event registration software

Save up to 30% of Event Admin Time & Cost Manage discounts, reward affiliates, and more with our best online ticketing software.

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Online Ticketing & Registration Software
  • Manage Coupons

    Options to provide coupons for specific ticket types up to X number of uses. Also, the ability to restrict it to be used by a specific group of email addresses, enhanced by ticketing software companies.

  • Manage Affiliates

    Automate the process of revenue sharing for every ticket purchase. transparent reporting for both parties increases trust and your ambassador community with our online ticket sales platforms.

  • Custom Checkout Forms

    Collect Mandatory Information Before Checkout. Even Collect Supporting Documentation To Reduce The Risks Of Charge Backs.

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Upsell Products or Add New Revenue Streams

Planning food and generating revenue in advance helps in saving costs, reduce investment and provide ultimate attendee satisfaction. New revenue streams like selling VIP Entry line, Parking space, Hotels, etc. The possibilities are endless with our Onsite Event Registration system.

  • Upsell tickets tiers

  • Sell products at checkout

  • Reduce cart abandonment

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Conference registration software.

Quick Check-in with Digital Business QR Code

A lightning-fast process of letting a group or individual into an event by assigning a ticket, taking payments, and checking them in. How about collecting the contact information of a group as they walk in? It's that fast with our best online ticketing software for Quick Check-in.

Quick Check-In
Online Ticketing & Registration Software
Online Ticketing & Registration Software

Streamline Table or
Group Tickets sales

Provide discounts for bulk tickets or sell a table with seating capacity. The purchaser has an option to assign the tickets to the one’s who are going to be accompanying them. Self tickets management can save upto 20% of event admin time.

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Explore Other Features

  • Sponsor / Speaker Onboarding

    Sponsor / Speaker Onboarding

  • Sesssions Management

    Sesssions Management

  • InBuilt CRM

    InBuilt CRM

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