A Few of Our Fantastic Features

Go live in less than 24 Hrs with a sleek, inviting
website in minutes.

Event Website Builder

Create a custom branded website for your event where visitors can go to purchase tickets, find out more about your event, book hotel rooms, and more.

Ticketing & Registration

Sell tickets and register attendees directly through your event website. Create multiple ticket types, and set your own cancellation and return policies.

Speaker & Sponsor Onboarding

Save time with automatic speaker and sponsor onboarding. Improve the sponsor experience by giving them more opportunities to interact with attendees.

Networking Mobile App

Allow attendees to access event information, interact with fellow guests and participate in event challenges.

Live Q&As, Polls, and Trivia Challenges

Create a more engaging experience with interactive elements designed to increase audience participation. Learn more about your attendees.

Built-in CRM

Collect attendee, speaker and sponsor information in one place. Analyze guest behavior, identify business opportunities and uncover crucial insights into event performance.

Rewards Engine

Maximize attendee engagement by offering rewards. Increase survey response rates, Q&A participation, attendee-sponsor interaction, and more.

Event Analytics

Get detailed, real-time insights into event performance. Compare data from past and previous events to track your performance over time.

API Integrations

Customize your EventTitans experience with over 1,500 integrations.


Host a Successful Conference, Every Time

With over 21 features available, EventTitans can help you manage every stage of a conference, from finding speakers and sponsors to creating affiliate partnerships with local hotels to managing your CRM after the event has ended.

  • Enhance the attendee experience with personalized outreach, interactive elements, rewards and improved networking abilities

  • Monitor event analytics in real time, and collect detailed data on attendee and sponsor behavior, engagement, sales, and more

  • Get attendee feedback, capture leads and build valuable relationships with attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors

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