Our Unique Elements

Instantly create an attractive and elegant website within minutes.

Choice of templates

With no prior experience in coding, an organizer can create designs and content as per his/her preference using our broad dashboard design template collection.

Effective and lively display

Keep your audience engaged with a switch between different tabs across the site like event schedule, sponsors list, guests/speaker information, etc.

Works offline

Eventtitans session board does not require stable wifi or an internet connection to function. It has the ability to operate offline and produce similar results.

Promoting brands and sponsors

Retain your sponsors by highlighting them on your digital board and increasing their ROI. Let your attendees know more about your brand, services or products you offer, and sponsors for the event, and you could include any upcoming events. Sponsors can be encouraged to invest further in an event when they see how their brand is presented.


Keep participants in the loop with dynamic screens

Display information related to surveys, rewards for participants, Live Q&A sessions, polls, etc. to keep the public occupied. Event highlights, trivia, or competition results could be displayed to keep guests preoccupied while they are also aware of the event schedule, and ongoing/upcoming sessions. Our digital boards are equipped for HD videos, images, and slides, with an inbuilt setup of customization options and a systematic display of brand information and services. Keynotes, special alerts, guests info. Agendas and leaderboard details are a few pointers that could be used in a live event digital session board.

Create Digital Session Board

Increase attendee engagement

Feedback equips/ empowers you to know your strengths and weaknesses as a brand and also as an event organizer. It will help you perform better further. Let viewers vote or give ratings to speakers, participants, or sponsors through live session boards and keep them posted regarding any special or forthcoming events. Through this feedback session, attendees get to feel connected and relevant to the occasion thus developing a chance to become loyal customers towards you.

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