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A virtual event can be a huge success if it is able to keep up with it’s audience till the end of the event and EventTitans has not only understood this fact but also is contributing a lot to make this happen. When the new-age virtual and hybrid events demand to be more of a blend of work and fun, gamification is the one that event organizers and sponsors are implementing to keep their audience entertained as well as informed at the same time.

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Word Search

Dump all the words in a grid, which could be in rectangular or square format. Let your audience invest themselves finding the words hidden in the word puzzle. Hang on, that’s going to take a while and it will be entertaining when you put a time limit. Isn’t it?

Photo Booth

Give your audience an opportunity to capture the memories of the event they attended. With a photo booth the audience can avail a collage of the pictures, video thumbnails and can get them creative with needed props, accessories by efficient entertainers. It’s time to get playful with photos!

‘Spin to win’ wheel

It’s time to dive into your audiences’ psychology and yes, they love surprises, always! Spinning a wheel and waiting for your lucky number or reward to come is the most exciting point. Let’s get the wheel spinning and keep your attendees engaged with some added fun!

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Whether we agree or not, a puzzle is something that drives you crazy till you get it resolved. Isn’t it? An image shuffle or finding out missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle can trigger logical thinking among attendees and will keep the event more engaged. You can also design your own c ustomized puzzle as per your creativity.

Reward Points

How about getting reward points on every action you complete on the platform? You interact with others, you get points! You enter a sponsor booth, get some reward points! Watch a product video, earn more points. Using those reward points you can purchase an item on sale, that’s the magic of reward points. This will motivate attendees to stay more active on the platform and will energize a competitive vibe.

Live Q&A

The main motto of any event, whether virtual or hybrid or in-person, is reaching out to its audience successfully and this can be assessed by a live question and answer round. Starting from moderating the questions asked by participants to encouraging the audience to present themselves via social media integration, the live Q&A idea definitely automates instant audience engagement. These all data along with the feedback form filled up by attendees, is being stored in the inbuilt CRM to benefit future event goals.


Running live trivia has been a forte of Eventtitans virtual event gamification feature. Within no time, create an eye-seizing customized trivia challenge to engage the participants. You set your own rules, your method of score evaluation, the system will handle the rest. Not only that, make the event room energy sporty by showcasing the top scorers on the live ranking display. Sounds amazing

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Live Poll

Analysing the behavior of attendees during a virtual event is one of the most significant event challenges. Get on to a polling system to get real-time feedback from your attendees which is easy to generate and it will demand just a few clicks from the participants. You can see the answers live on the digital display and this data can be saved in the CRM to be useful in the near future.

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