Begin Your Journey With EventTitans' In-Person Events Ready to organize the best conference or an impactful corporate event? Join us at EventTitans and discover our in-person event solutions, powered by robust event management software.

Why opt for in-person events with EventTitans ?

Ticketing And Registration
  • Ticketing and Registration

  • Customizable Registration Forms: Tailor forms based on ticket types with logic-based fields for targeted data collection using our sophisticated onsite event registration

  • Session Restrictionss: Control event registration with multiple sessions access based on ticket purchases, a crucial feature for meeting planners Also, differentiate between general, VIP, and other types, a key feature for event organizers planning diverse event types.

  • Offline Payment Options: Increase registrations with mail-in check or invoice requests, integrating seamlessly with our best registration platforms

  • Express Lane to Event Check-in

  • Event's check-in: Quick QR scans are a check-in feature of our various event types and the greatest free non-profit event check-in app that you can use for a more efficient check-in process.

  • Error-free check-in: Say farewell to manual entries and errors using our event sign up apps, thanks to our event qr code check in system.

  • Simple Register for an ET: Register with a unique QR ID at or on our best event app platforms, get your QR ID scanned at any event, and enter the event with the required ticket assigned on the fly.

Event Session Tracking & Management Software
Sponsorship And Onboarding
  • Sponsorship and Onboarding

  • Attract and manage sponsors effortlessly: Our system provides interactive elements like promotional codes and offers in sponsor booths, along with company videos, images, and comprehensive company information.

  • Speaker's Profile: Auto-population from CRM with options to customize bio, interests, and networking preferences, perfect for creating engaging event marketing platforms.

  • Diverse Speaker Showcasing Options: :Showcase your speakers' profiles with bios, social media links, ratings, and past event experiences on a dedicated page or through pop-ups.

Free online event registrations for Free events

Perfect for Non-profit, Fundraisers, Galas, Auctions, and Charitable Events

  • Conference badge printing software

  • Color Code Your Tickets: Visually differentiate attendees or staff with color-coded badges, an innovative feature for in-person event management.

  • Full Control with Badge Printing Dashboard: Manage attendance and access with easy-to-identify badges using our event registration and badge printing features.

  • Generate Self-Print Badges: Scan the qr code, print the badge, mark attendee's arrival.

Event Session Tracking & Management Software
Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Tools

  • Amplify Engagement with Powerful Email and SMS Marketing: Create engaging emails that highlight the key features of your event and share surveys with your attendees.

  • Engage Your Audience with WhatsApp Campaigns: Sharing ticket confirmations, event agendas, and reminders directly to your attendees' mobile number through SMS and Whatsapp.

  • Maintain Communication History: Keep a record of the communication over time. You can track conversations, follow up on previous inquiries, and ensure that no information is lost or forgotten.

  • In-Built CRM

  • Effortlessly Add Contacts: Import data from various sources, including event sign-up apps, into a centralized database.

  • Organize Your Database: Keep track of past communications and relevant information in one place, an essential feature for any event set up by companies or summit meetings.

  • Enhancing Data Accuracy: Our CRM integration includes a built-in tool for validating email addresses during data imports to ensure all contacts are reachable.

Event Session Tracking & Management Software

Explore Other Features

  • Non Profit Events

    Non Profit Events

  • Virtual Events

    Virtual Events

  • Corporate Events

    Corporate Events

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