• Boost your registrations for Nonprofit Fundraising

  • Personalized Ticket Creation: Ability to create customized tickets tailored to your event.Inclusion of registration forms with surveys for detailed participant information gathering.

  • Seamless Online Transaction Handling: Secure and efficient processing of donations and payments.

  • Merchandise Sales Integration:Option to sell additional merchandise during the registration process.Utilization of digital fundraising sites for nonprofits to extend the reach and impact of merchandise sales.

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Event Session Tracking & Management Software
Automate Your Task With CRM Management

Automate Your Task with CRM Management

With our in-built CRM system, you can automate a variety of manual tasks in fundraising for nonprofit ideas. This will help you save time and effort while improving the efficiency of your operations.

  • Manage Registrations

  • Start Online Auctions for Nonprofits

  • Track Donations

  • Schedule Tasks

  • Promote Event

So why waste time on administrative tasks when you could be wowing your guests with an unforgettable nonprofit fundraiser experience?

In-Built CRM
Generate Donations With Strategic Planning

Generate Donations with Strategic Planning

Our online fundraising event software offers donors the flexibility to choose between donating money or physical items. You can seamlessly collect donations from your event attendees by providing multiple donation types.

  • Drop off the items at a preferred venue for events.
  • Request pick-up for their donations.
  • Buy items on behalf of donors.
Take Your Auctions Online For Fundraising Success
  • Take Your Auctions Online for Fundraising Success

  • Online Auction Setup for Fundraising: Utilize our online auction sites for nonprofits as an effective method to raise funds for your organization, crowdfunding, or cause.

  • Global Reach with EventTitans: Attract bidders from across the globe, expanding your fundraising reach.

  • Revenue Generation through Auctions: Capitalize on the potential of online auction sites for nonprofits to generate significant revenue for your organization.

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  • Maximizing Reach with In-built Marketing Tools

  • Early Preparation for Success: Recognize that successful event preparation begins well before the actual day of the event. Emphasize the importance of early planning and strategic execution.

  • Strategic Planning and Execution: Develop a comprehensive strategic plan for your event. Implement the plan from the outset to ensure all details are covered.

  • Utilization of All-in-One Marketing and Management Tools: Leverage our integrated nonprofit event marketing and attendee management tools. Ensure guests receive unparalleled attention and care throughout the event.

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Event Session Tracking & Management Software
Unlocking The Power Of Community In Nonprofit Events
  • Unlocking the Power of Community in Nonprofit Events

  • Opportunities for Networking: Offer attendees the chance to network as an integral part of the event experience. Enable attendees to join a community immediately after they register for the event.

  • AI-Powered Matchmaking: Utilize in-built AI matchmaking technology to facilitate nonprofit communications conferences. Match people based on their preferences and interests to enhance networking effectiveness.

  • Continuous Communication and Engagement: Keep attendees informed with regular updates about the event. Create channels for attendees to ask questions and receive timely responses.

  • Building Relationships with Supporters: Foster strong relationships with supporters through continuous engagement. Maintain interest in your cause by actively involving attendees in the event community.

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Raising Funds Was Never This Easy. Start a fundraiser in 5 minutes!

Trust us to help you create an event that will leave a lasting impact and exceed your fundraising goals with our best fundraising software for nonprofits

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  • Virtual Events

    Virtual Events

  • Corporate Events

    Corporate Events

  • Gamification with Rewards

    Gamification with Rewards

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