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Analytics Dashboard

Access data on completion rate, engagement levels, and more in one dashboard.


Choose from multiple templates and question types.

Fast Evaluation

Mark submissions as soon as they come in for quick results.

Advanced Quiz Creation

Take your online quizzes to the next level. Create your own online evaluation in minutes using the multiple available templates. EventTitans’ Evaluator excels at eliminating manual errors and can automatically determine top scorers based on your chosen criteria and the answers you give. tasks.

Access Evaluator

Set challenges for event attendees

Boost engagement by giving attendees a fun quiz to take, and offer prizes to those who score highest with our Rewards Engine. Use this tool on its own, or combine with other event challenges (trivia competitions, live polls, etc.). Suitable for all industries.

Grade Submissions Automatically or Manually

Create a test, prepare the questions, and set the answers - the automated system will do the rest for you. Mark the correct answers in the key and have the platform grade the exam automatically, or give a member of your team access to grade submissions by hand.

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